Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama at Saddleback

Coming back from vacation I've only just managed to watch the Saddleback forum (available at CNN), and one thing I haven't seen anyone else comment on was Obama's remark about judges.

He said he thinks Roberts supported giving the executive branch much more power than the founders intended.

When did Obama become an originalist? His favorite justices are Breyer and Ginsburg; they believe in a living, evolving Constitution. Why should he care what powers the founders wanted the president to have?

The other comment that really jumped out at me was his assertion that the rich would experience a "modest" tax increase. Now, he's said all he wants to do is let the current tax cuts expire. But when the president was trying to get these cuts passed we were told that the rich were going to get a huge tax cut.

So how does letting this "huge" tax cut expire constitute a "modest" increase?

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