Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Quick Thought on the Cost of Health Insurance

If you want to lower your auto insurance premiums you drive safer.

If you want to lower your life insurance premiums you live healthier.

If you want to lower your health insurance premiums you ... get a new job?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Headlines 6/19/09

=Senate Unanimously Approves Resolution Apologizing for Slavery
Sen. Tom Harkin: "It is important to have a collective response to a collective injustice."
... Like a civil war or a constitutional amendment maybe?

=Mr. Burd Goes to Washington
A free-market healthcare reform success story.

=Remember This When You Hear the Parties Talking About Fixing the National Debt
The RNC raised $5.7 million in May. They're underlining the fact that they have no debt and $21.5 million cash on hand.

The cash-on-hand total is down a bit from last month, but last month, the DNC had $9.09 million in cash on hand with $5.42 million in debt, for perspective.
Yeah, they're both part of the problem, but one bunch is consistently worse with money than the other.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Headlines 6/17/09

ABC Turns Programming Over to Obama
Apparently the "appearance of impropriety" is no longer a problem.

Obama takes aim at Fox News
... says, "Be more like ABC."

PBS to Begin Phasing Out Religious Programming
Anti-religious programming still ok.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movie Review: Up

This weekend we took the kids to see Pixar's Up -- a story about an elderly widower who sets out to fulfill a promise to his late wife. Though he really just wants to be left alone, he makes some new friends in the course of an amazing adventure through clouds, jungle, and mountains.

Pixar movies are known for being entertaining to kids and adults alike, and this one is no different. Many of the grownup elements will whiz right by the kids, but they'll enjoy the action, the gags, and the animals.

These movies are also known for having that scene that gets you right there. This one has quite a few of those. If you get through the opening montage without getting a little verklempt, you're stronger than me. If you make it through the whole movie without being moved ... you're either six or lying.

Pixar has had some unusual protagonists, including toys, the monsters in the closet, a fat superhero, and a rat. This one has a grumpy old man with gray stubble and a bad back, but you'll enjoy the ride as his adventure reminds us all that the everyday things are the important part of life.

Speaking of which, the three-year-old sat surprisingly still during the movie, and no one had to go the bathroom! Now that's quality family entertainment :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Headlines 6/8/09

4Obama promises more than 600,000 stimulus jobs
but considering his track record...

4Bond-market rout lifts mortgage cost
A completely forseeable unintended consequence.

4Think twice about 'green' transport, say scientists
Despite the lectures of environmentalists, everything "green" isn't actually green.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Headlines 6/2/09

=Obama: USA can't impose values on world
... unless it involves pesticides, global warming, or nuclear weapons.

=American capitalism gone with a whimper
Pravda's interesting perspective on our rush to central planning.

=Health Reform: Obama vs. Orszag
OMB director on Obama's healthcare plan -- before he worked for Obama.

=GPS system 'close to breakdown'
Before you buy that new GPS...
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