Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Lefty Cries Racism

Lewis Diuguid, a Kansas City Star columnist, says calling Sen. Obama's policies socialist is a "code word for black." His "evidence" is that the term was used against black reformers in the past (he assumes we all know these people weren't socialists).

I'm sorry -- do most people know that WEB Du Bois was called a socialist? Don't most people think of socialists as crazy white guys? It would never cross my mind that "socialist" was a racial term. I use the term strictly to refer to people with statist economic policies.

I think this is another attempt by the left to make the right afraid to criticize Sen. Obama lest they be accused of racism.

I also think the cries of GOP racism are intended to provoke a reaction in minority voters who might otherwise sit out the election or, worse, vote for Sen. McCain.

25 Reasons You Might be a Racist


Vinny said...

When Lyndon Johnson was selected as the vice-presidential candidate in 1960, Barry Goldwater asked him how he could support Jack Kennedy's socialist policies.

ChrisB said...

I'm assuming there's a point there?

Vinny said...

I am agreeing that the "socialist charge" does not have much to do with skin color. It is quite "retro" though.

ChrisB said...

Not retro enough. Socialism is alive and well in America today.

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