Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post-Partisan Stimulus

Having already asked if Pres. Obama's inaugural address told us "post-partisan" means "do it my way or shut up," I'm concerned about some of Mr. Obama's comments regarding the House stimulus package.

He asked Republicans "to 'put politics aside' in the interest of creating jobs."

But that's the problem: the Republicans don't think much of this bill is designed to create jobs.

Is it "politics" to say, "This bill has more pork than a luau" or "This is about as stimulating as a shot of NyQuil?"

Apparently so. What Mr. Obama and the Congressional Democrats want is to give taxpayer money to ACORN and La Raza unopposed and to use this economic situation as an opportunity to expand government health care.

As boring as it is, I encourage everyone to read the stimulus bill and let your Congressmen know what you think about it. It may not be "post-partisan," but it is a necessary part of our political process.

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The Intellectual Redneck said...

You can dig all you want, but there is no pony hiding under the Democrat's stimulus manure pile. There is no pony hiding in the stimulus "pile of manure"

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