Friday, May 8, 2009

Headlines 5/8/09

= U.S. threatens to rescind stimulus money over wage cuts
Once again, the Obama administration uses government money to control others:
"The Obama administration is threatening to rescind billions of dollars in federal stimulus money if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers do not restore wage cuts to unionized home healthcare workers approved in February as part of the budget."
Do we really want them paying for our healthcare?

= CIA Says Pelosi Was Briefed on Use of 'Enhanced Interrogations'
"In a carefully worded statement, Pelosi's office said today that she had never been briefed about the use of waterboarding, only that it had been approved by Bush administration lawyers as a legal technique to use in interrogations."
So she knew they thought it was legal -- the only part the Obama administration wants to prosecute -- and didn't say anything.

= EU calls for shorter work week to create jobs
Didn't France already prove this doesn't work?

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