Friday, June 19, 2009

Headlines 6/19/09

=Senate Unanimously Approves Resolution Apologizing for Slavery
Sen. Tom Harkin: "It is important to have a collective response to a collective injustice."
... Like a civil war or a constitutional amendment maybe?

=Mr. Burd Goes to Washington
A free-market healthcare reform success story.

=Remember This When You Hear the Parties Talking About Fixing the National Debt
The RNC raised $5.7 million in May. They're underlining the fact that they have no debt and $21.5 million cash on hand.

The cash-on-hand total is down a bit from last month, but last month, the DNC had $9.09 million in cash on hand with $5.42 million in debt, for perspective.
Yeah, they're both part of the problem, but one bunch is consistently worse with money than the other.

1 comment:

Vinny said...

(1) I don't know enough about the resolution apologizing for slavery to be sure that it is as silly as it sounds, but it would not shock me.

(2) I would call that a health care reform that employs market incentives, which is very good. It still relies heavily on the leverage of a large corporation which is not what most people are talking about when they call for "free market" solutions.

(3) In your dreams.

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