Friday, July 24, 2009

Healthcare Headlines 7/24/09

=GovernmentCare’s Assault on Seniors
The Congressional majority wants to pay for its $1 trillion to $1.6 trillion health bills with new taxes and a $500 billion cut to Medicare. ... The assault against seniors began with the stimulus package in February. Slipped into the bill was substantial funding for comparative effectiveness research, which is generally code for limiting care based on the patient’s age.
In Britain, this has been accomplished by NICE rules that will spend about $50,000 per quality-adjusted life year.

The quality adjusted year is, in brief, how many good, productive years you have left in you. If you're older or if you're otherwise ill (e.g., MS or parapalegic) your remaining years, however few they may be, are discounted with respect to a healthier person. If you're old and sick, you're going to have trouble getting them to treat you curatively.

=Health Care Hellfire
Which insurance policy "sets out annual dollar limitations on coverage of those benefits?" Obama's.

=Democrats Block GOP Health Care Mailing
They apparently don't want you to see this chart illustrating the bureaucratic nightmare the Democrats are trying to create to govern our healthcare.

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