Monday, November 16, 2009

Headlines 11/16/09

Chinese greet 'Oba Mao' with flaming statue
Communists call him a communist. Just sayin' ...

Joe Lieberman: Public Option is “Camel’s Nose” for Single-Payer
Here's hoping he sticks to his guns.

AP Poll: Fine print in health care prompts worries
Fine print and experience.

Liberal professor blogger Diane Ravitch on KSM in NYC
"[T]hese guys are not civilians.... They are enemy combatants, conquered in war. Yet now, for reasons that are obscure to me, they are given the same rights and privileges as ordinary American citizens."
I love it when liberals get a dose of reality. (HT: Verum Serum)

Meet the unelected body that will dictate future medical decisions.
Making life changing decisions as unaccountably as possible.

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