Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We Don't Oppose Immigration

An article explaining that health care reform would exclude illegal immigrants (yeah, right, for about six minutes) included this troublesome line:

"Proponents of reducing immigration believe that allowing illegal immigrants access to health care is an incentive for them to come, and an unfair tax burden on Americans."

What's so troublesome about that?

This author, like so many, says opponents of illegal immigration oppose all immigration.

That's simply not true. Sure, there are people who want to end all immigration, but that is a small number compared to those who are concerned about our porous border and the dangers and costs associated with it.

It's all too common in American politics to cast your opponent's position as the kind of thing all reasonable people should abhor. We can't allow that to happen here.

Opponents of illegal immigration are not xenophobes. We simply think the law should be enforced.

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