Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Saving Time and Gov't Wisdom

Are you suffering a Daylight Saving Time hangover? I am. Twice a year, but especially in the spring, we all complain about having to adjust to the time change.

Who imposed this upon us? Our government. Why? To save energy.

Does it? Probably not. It made sense back when the biggest household energy use was electric lighting. Now that we rev up the air conditioning when we get home, it's probably counter productive.

On top of that, the DST switch has been shown to increase car accidents and heart attacks and to decrease productivity. Even if it actually saved energy, would it be worth this? Probably not.

Will it ever change? Also probably not.

It's very hard to get Congress to admit to its mistakes. Actually, I don't think they've done it since Prohibition was repealed.

What does this have to do with anything (other than whining about the time change)?

Congress plans to make a massive change to our society. The end result will be to fundamentally alter how health care is provided and paid for in our country.

Their plans have never worked in any country where they've been tried.

They are really bad at recognizing their mistakes.

If we let them do this, we're stuck with it.

Respond as you deem appropriate.

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