Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's Next?

So the health care reform battle is over. (yeah, right)

Does that mean we get to rest? I wish. We know this batch of Democrats are an ambitious bunch, and now they've got the clock counting down to November (I'll be utterly and completely shocked if they don't lose the House).

So they've got to scratch a few more items off the wishlist before they lose the chance.

This didn't get much attention, but they've scratched one off already: college loans. The health care reform bill also made the federal government the sole provider of subsidized college loans. Why? They're going borrow money and re-lend it at a higher rate and use the profit to pay for health care.

Next? The spectre of "climate change." And immigration. And "financial reform."

Like I said, ambitious.


Huntress said...
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ChrisB said...

Thanks, Huntress. I appreciate the encouragement (even after you deleted it).

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