Monday, March 22, 2010

ObamaCare: The Morning After

Barring some miracle preventing the president's signature, ObamaCare is law. What's left to say?

For Democrats, the ends justify the means. We already knew that, of course, but they sunk to new levels in this. The bribes, lies, and backroom deals were amazing to watch. You know it's bad when we feel it was a victory to get them to actually vote on the bill.

We know the truth about "pro-life" Democrats. They are either two-faced or terribly gullible — believing an executive order will accomplish what they couldn't make law and trusting an executive that has broken every promise he's made. Most of all, no matter how pro-life they claim to be, if they vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, they're supporting the radical left's agenda.

We now know that the Democrats are more committed to their leftist ideology than to their constituents. They didn't care that the people didn't want it. They didn't care that it's failed everywhere it's been tried. Their ideology demanded it, so it happened.

This isn't over. They've promised this is only step one. We know they want to go to a full-fledged single-payer system. In fact, I strongly believe they know this thing they've created will fail. I think it's weaknesses are coordinated to make single-payer look attractive. We have more work to do.

Elections matter. The American people put these guys in power, and this is what we got. Hopefully people will see we cut off our nose to spite our face. Hopefully the November elections will reward the Dems for these shenanigans.

There is hope. Many have argued that this bill, once passed, would be almost impossible to undo. And I certainly think we've got to hurry — the longer it lasts the harder it will be to undo. But given the way it was passed and how much we the people said we didn't want it, we may be able to generate enough political will to remove.

If it lasts long enough to start to damage things, the Dems will call for another leftward lurch, but we can remind the public that they said this wouldn't work from the beginning and they shouldn't trust the Dems to fix it.

There is more hope. Yes, life will be harder — higher taxes, lower employment, waits for doctors and procedures, less R&D into medicines and technology — but suffering is good for the soul. Seriously, though, one thing we must remember is that this world, no matter how bad it gets, isn't all there is. Seventy, eighty years and we're done. A drop in the bucket measured against eternity.

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