Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do You Have a Dem in Congress?

My senators and representative are all Republicans. If you have a Democrat or three, you have opportunities I don't to influence the shape of the health care reform debate.

=If you are opposed to government control of a massive slice of our economy, a "public option," or even simply some provision in the Waxman bill, you need to let your members of Congress know.

=You can write (paper is better than email), call, or best of all, go see them during their break.

=If you go to a townhall meeting, some good questions to ask are:

4Have you read the entire bill? (If not, do you intend to?)
4Would you put members of Congress and their staff under this program? (Why not?)
4Given that Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are all but broke, what makes you think government should run the health care system?
4Since Canada sends the patients it can't handle here, why should we emulate their health care system?
4What government agency can you point to as so efficient and cost-effective that it would be a model for our health care system?

=Be agressive, but be polite.

(Be sure to forward this to your blue state friends.)

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