Monday, August 10, 2009

Headlines 8/10/09

=Obama's Mexico Mission: Keep Guns in El Norte
...which could never be accomplished by controlling our border.

=Fact Check: Obama Consistent in His Position on Single Payer Health Care
From Senator Obama's campaign website:
"If I were designing a system from scratch I would probably set up a single-payer system...But we're not designing a system from scratch...And when we had a healthcare forum before I set up my healthcare plan here in Iowa there was a lot of resistance to a single-payer system. So what I believe is we should set up a series of choices....Over time it may be that we end up transitioning to such a system. For now, I just want to make sure every American is covered...I don't want to wait for that perfect system."
Emphases added to point out what Mr. Obama used to say as opposed to what he says he said. (HT: Verum Serum)

=Psychological barriers hobble climate action a lack of trust of politicians, environmentalists, or scientists who make their living preaching global warming.

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