Monday, August 31, 2009

Headlines 8/31/09

=Bill would give president emergency control of Internet
This make anybody else uneasy?

=Feds to use kids in census
This make anybody else uneasy?

=ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan
They're barely even pretending to be objective anymore; maybe it's for the best.

=Secret process sends stimulus funds to pet projects
Post-partisanship at its finest.

=Car dealers may or may not get the "clunker" money
The feds can't even give away money right.


Vinny said...

This make anybody else uneasy?(1)

Why bother with a bill? Bush would have just had one of his in-house shysters write an opinion declaring that he already had the power to do it.

This make anybody else uneasy?(2)

Teaching children about the constitutionally mandated census certainly does sound subversive.

ChrisB said...

re: internet
I'm not happy giving any president this power. I wasn't comfortable with a lot of what was given to the executive branch in the various incarnations of the patriot act.

re: census
Teaching students about the census should take 10 minutes. This sounds a little too Hitler-youth for my taste -- especially in conjunction with his "address" to the schools.

Hmm... "linguistically isolated" households -- code for illegal immigrants?

Vinny said...

Hitler-youth???? Aren't we being a little paranoid?

ChrisB said...

"Aren't we being a little paranoid?"

I hope that's all it is.

But, frankly, if it's not in the next four years, I still expect the day to come when kids are encouraged to report "improper" speech and activities of their parents.

Vinny said...

We are looking at the possibility of health care reform in which the worst parasites, the health insurance companies, stand to benefit the most. We are looking at a financial services industry where executive compensation is returning to record levels despite the fact that it put us on the brink of depression last year and the economy is still loaded down by the toxic waste it spewed everywhere. There will probably be no meaningful reform or regulation in either industry because the lobbyists and their money have effective control over both Republicans and Democrats.

And you are worried about the Census?

Nobody wants to control your children Chris. They just want your money and the way they get it is to keep you scared of the wrong people.

ChrisB said...

"Nobody wants to control your children Chris."

Of all the things you've said, that's the one where I'm most sure you're wrong. Who controls the children controls the future -- which is why the left works so hard to control education.

I'm not worried about the census itself (despite the fact that the Dems are trying to count illegal aliens but not voters stationed temporarily abroad).

I'm not sure the insurance companies are the worst parasites. Besides that, most things on your list are temporary. Our children are the long term issue.

Vinny said...

I will concede that was an overstatement. Somewhere out there, I’m sure there is someone that wants to control your children. However, the notion that there is some monolithic “left” out there that is trying to control children by controlling education is a myth.

The “left” is composed of a wide variety of people with a wide variety of beliefs. For the most part, they think that their beliefs will prevail in the market place of ideas if given a fair hearing. They don't think they have to control anyone.

In my experience, it is conservative Christians who are most concerned with controlling education in order to shield their children from ideas that threaten their religious indoctrination.

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