Friday, August 21, 2009

Goverment Health Care: A Metaphor

A columnist for The Independent, in sharing the trials he has undergone trying to get health care for his disabled daughter in Great Britain, admitted that his experience wasn't the only version you'll hear even as it isn't unique.
"...[F]riends who have suffered heart problems, cycling accidents or had very premature babies will testify to flawless treatment. But then I know of other friends with equally terrible experiences of arrogant doctors, disinterested nurses, lost files and suchlike."
This reminds me of what I think is one of the best pictures of how a government-run health care system would work: the public school system.

Some public schools are great. Some are a train wreck. It varies widely depending on where you live, and you get what you get unless you've got the money to spring for private care school.

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